I’m an award-winning creative developer who's equally at home with artistic and technical projects. I’m enthusiastic about exploring and applying new technologies to create “real world” benefit for clients.

I’ve worked with clients including UEFA, Adidas, Adobe, Nortel, PIXAR and Baillie Gifford, as well as many smaller firms. I’m self-motivated, but often work as part of a team on complex projects with multiple deliverables. My attention to detail pleases demanding clients and I always put in the work to hit big deadlines.

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Furry Friends

I worked with Chunk on this recently released game for the BBC.

“Want to look after your own furry friend? Well now you can! With The Pets Factor Furry Friends game. Choose a pet and make sure they are entertained, exercised and well rested.”

Built with Phaser.js in ES6

Baillie Gifford — Global Discovery Fund

Baillie Gifford had commisioned a beautiful animated short for their Global Discovery Fund. I created a seamless interactive element blending the video into interactive HTML. Built with Easel.js.

Pearl & Dean VR

As a child of the 80s the Pearl & Dean ident is etched in my mind. I've always appreciated the 3D effect so set about re-creating it in VR. Built with A-Frame and THREE.js

Tullis Russell — LuxePak

Tullis Russell, the specialist paper manufacturer, wanted something memorable for their stand at the prestigious LuxePak event in Monaco. I built them a remote control packaging viewer. Attendees could examine, and deconstruct, the packaging in realtime stereoscopic 3D. Built with THREE.js and Socket.io.

World's First VR 404

Have you ever been inside a 404 error page before? Now you can. I've always been fascinated by 3D scenes where elements are aligned using perspective and scaling to make an image. Double the fun in VR. Built with A-Frame and THREE.js

Jolt VR

20 years ago I built a single Jolt Cola can in VRML as a tribute to the hacker's favourite cola. Twenty years later I recreated the tribute with 500 cans and 3D logos in VR. Built with A-Frame and THREE.js

Bacteria VR

Part of the fun of VR is being able to visit places you can't normally go. This time it's in a petri dish brimming with bacteria. Eek… Built with A-Frame and THREE.js

Visit Scotland — PIXAR's Brave

Visit Scotland wanted something special to tie in with the release of PIXAR's Brave. We created an expansive experience allowing users to explore the land that inspired the move. Built in Flash AS3.


A project that responds to realtime data is always fun to work on. This was a full-stack project that involved Twitter monitoring, data analysis and a fun and responsive front-end. Users were served a static Angular.js site to keep the servers responsive to the heavy site traffic on the day of the election.

#EuroVision 2015

Building on the experience gained on the #GE15 project we tackled EuroVision 2015. This had it all! Country mentions created bursts of flags. Hearts poured onto the screen as tweeters backed their favourite acts. We tabulated hashtag use to try predict a winner. Bonkers… just like EuroVision!

Nortel — Network Defender

Nortel asked us to come up with something to build awareness of their layered approach to security. I came up with a game that had that message at its core. Players have to rotate the incomplete rings to help defend the network core.

Nortel — Call Command

After the success of Network Defender, Nortel asked for help in publicising their phone systems. The result is a fun arcade game where you have to route calls to the correct line. Sounds easy, but the calls start coming thick and fast.

S1 — Take Aim

The controversial classic. “Aim your pee to wash away the fag ends” says it all really. S1 were looking for something edgy to promote their events site. They got it and it was a runaway success!

Forbo — Aquagrip

We developed a fun game to highlight the dangers of slippery floors for Forbo Flooring Systems. Their new product, Aquagrip, was a floor covering designed for the healthcare segment.